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Peroxide Masterbatch


CR PP series are made by MannTeks Special compounding technology. CR PP series are
extruded with Polypropylene as a base resin and Peroxide, 2.5-Dimethyl 2.5-Di (Tert-
butylperoxy) hexane(also called DTBPH or DHBP) by twin extruder.
When the peroxide added in PP, MFR(MI) of PP is increased. So the applications which
need high MFR PP, such as PP fiber, our CR PP series are the best choice. In addition, CR
PP series can narrowly control the molecular weight distribution of PP.
Using the CR PP series, peroxide masterbatch, is much safer and easier than handling the


Chemical Name
2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-di-(tert-butylperoxy)hexane 20 % with Polypropylene


MFR(MI) Modifier in PP
PP melt-blown fibers, Non-woven fabrics.
PP recycling.
Co-Agent in PE and Ethylene copolymer grafting.
PP Molding application.
MAH grafting as a radical initiator


Chemical properties
Storage Temperature: max. 40°C
SADT: approx. 90°C
Storage Stability: 6-8 months


Active peroxide contentWeight% 19.5 – 20.3
Appearance105ea/g +/-10white milky pallet
Moisture Content ppm300 below
Above specifications are not stands for final content. Some parts of peroxide participate in
reaction during the extrusion, so the final content of active peroxide could be slightly lower
than specification.


Typical Application (Dosage)
Examples of experimental results by extrusion at 230° C :
0.06% of CR PP 20X : PP(Homo) MI 15 MI 25
0.06% of CR PP 20X : PP(Random) MI 15 MI 25
– 0.30% of CR PP 20X : PP(Homo) MI3.5 MI 35
(The above result is just for reference. The result could be varied from different PP and different condition.)


Product is packed in 25 kg PE valve bag and 1,375kgs on stretch wrapped pallet
500kgs/Carton box is available on request.


Handling and storage:
CR PP series must be kept in a dry & cool place out of direct exposure to the sun light and
away from sparks or heat source. The recommended maximum storage temperature is
below 40°C.
For any information on
– First aid measures,
– Fire fighting measures,
– Accidental measures,
– Storage,
– Handling,
– Stability and reactivity
– Toxicological information,
– Ecological information,
– Disposal considerations,
Please refer to the safety data sheet.


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